Gurnaz: A powerhouse that likes to keep it real

Gurnaz wants to make the world a better place by making others laugh and smile.

Creative Expression and Accessibility: Where do we draw the line?

Why imitation can’t always be flattering.

COVID doesn’t discriminate, and neither should you

Racism has been a consistent theme since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Four local South Asian female leaders to keep on your radar

These South Asian Women are changing everything!

How speaking the right love languages can improve your relationships

It's just as valuable to be multilingual in your relationships, as it is on your resume.

Making sense of pandemic fatigue

Are you feeling burnt out? Turns out most of us are.

Wrongfully claiming Indigenous heritage is harmful to Indigenous communities

The Canadian film industry has been rocked after allegations that prominent filmmaker Michelle Latim

White Supremacy posters spotted in parts of Vancouver, Surrey and Nanaimo

White Supremacist posters were spotted across British Columbia following the pro-Trump riots.

Conflicting reviews roll in for popular new Pixar film “Soul”

While some loved the film, others pointed out criticisms or contradictions in their representation.

BIPOC businesses to support this holiday season

This holiday season, let’s all support small BIPOC businesses that have been affected by COVID-19

Scotland becomes first country in the world to make menstrual products free

Scotland leads the way with this crucial step in the right direction for women's health.

This Movember, let’s discuss masculinity, and why it’s okay not to be okay

Let's create safe spaces for men year round.

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