Britney Spears’ Catchiest Song Uses a Sample From Bollywood

Mustafa Dewji (@mustafadewji)

Bollywood has been credited for having some of the best film soundtracks that are sonically innovative and impressive. The exceptional music production in Bollywood films has led to songs commonly being sampled globally and across genres. However, these samples often go unnoticed and the original tracks aren't given the credit they deserve. One of the best examples of this is in Britney Spears’ 2003 hit “Toxic”. The iconic strings melody is actually from the the song “Tere Mere Beech Mein” from the film “Ek Duuje Ke Liye” that was released in 1981. The melody from “Toxic” that we all know and love is actually composed using a raga found within Indian classical music. It’s clear that Bollywood deserves a lot of credit for one of the greatest pop music hits of our generation.

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