Meet the performers: Robyn Sandhu, a poet who sings his way into people’s hearts

Robyn Sandhu is one of the amazing artists performing at 5X Blockparty on June 11.

4 Asian Heritage Month events to Check out in Vancouver

Some exciting events to celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander month in Vancouver.

How this local yoga therapist is “Reclaiming Joy” and creating safe spaces for women of colour

A conversation with yoga therapist Harmeet Kaur, discussing joy and creating safe spaces for BIPOC.

Sikh Heritage BC celebrates Sikh Heritage Month by welcoming us home

An immersive installation entitled “True Home,” kicked off Sikh Heritage BC’s events this month

Women-run Sikh brands come together to celebrate Sikh Heritage Month

Celebrating Sikh Heritage Month at 5XFestival.

Why seeing Blume on Sephora Canada shelves is so monumental

Taran and Bunny, the founders of Blume are making big strides in the wellness space

Give Back to Black BC aims to promote the rich history and future of Black folks

Give Back to Black BC Founder Shanique Kelly is bringing low-barrier funding to Black folks in BC.

Bringing brown faces into queer spaces

How a performer from Bhatinda, Punjab is breaking barriers in traditionally white, queer spaces.

Grassroots efforts to help South Asian truckers in B.C. underway

Community advocate seeks tangible change as labour issues lose traction due to white supremacists

Community Feature: The story of family-run Hairtell Salon in Surrey

Up and coming hairstylist Raj Mand and her Hairtell family sit down with 5XPress.

A new children’s book on mental health dives into how kids can take care of their mind and body

Surrey model and mental health advocate Reshmi Chandra talks about her children's book.

The exploitation of international students is an open secret. It’s time to stop looking away.

"This is the norm, [and] this is a problem. People are taking advantage of international students"

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