5X is a South Asian millennial festival showcasing the best of music, art, film and fashion. Join us on June 12 - 16, 2019

About 5X

5X is a global brand and online community that champions South Asian youth culture for ages 16-35. We bring the liberated spaces of social media into a real, physical experience. Our flagship Surrey festival, taking inspiration from both SXSW and Afropunk, features the best of South Asian music, art, fashion, and film.

A revolution by us that ripples across the world.

Our Ethos

We aim for a thriving, supportive atmosphere that provides a platform for our many local success stories, a meeting point for global culture makers, and an intersection between the two. We’re not interested in presenting the biggest stars - we’re interested in presenting the most liberated, creative personalities. We’re interested in presenting influencers who inspire others to be fully themselves. We create a space where artists can meet artists, novices can meet masters, and fans can be inspired to find their inner artist. 5X is a super-powered expression of homegrown talent meeting the best of modern desi culture.

We are activists and with creativity as our activism. We are an outspoken advocate for inclusivity, representation and social justice. We do not censor, we provoke. We challenge audiences to open their minds to other ways of life and other perspectives. Everything is up for conversation. As South Asians with complex identities, our goal is to stimulate free and liberated artistic expression of our lived realities. That said, we are committed to providing a safe space for individuals of all ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations. Hate speech is not tolerated, nor is violence of any kind.

Our time has come. Though the struggle continues, in many ways the trials and tribulations of immigrating to a new land have subsided.  For the first time we have time. To create and be beautiful together. We are the product of generational traumas. Being together, holding each other, listening to each other, creates a community that can begin to heal. And create a new story for itself. We can begin to see similarities in the struggles of other subordinate communities (Indigenous, communities of colour, LGBTQ) and stand in solidarity with them.

Create. Express. Multiply.

About VIBC

Founded in 2004, VIBC is a charity based in Vancouver, BC hosting initiatives to further support progressive South Asian artistic expression. Our signature initiative is 5X - a world-class festival and global online community.