I love discovering new brown artists. The feeling of getting turned on to someone that has - somehow - totally avoided being featured on any of the blogs or playlists that I follow. And when they’re actually GOOD? It feels like an off-season birthday present. BAINS is a Xmas present we didn’t know we needed, coming at the perfect time of year.

From Delta, and signed to Vancouver hometown heroes So Loki’s OWOKE label, Pritpaul Bains has come a long way since his debut 2017 album ‘Northwest’. Which has since been pulled from the internet and I’m sure will be a collectors item someday.

I had the pleasure of hearing his upcoming full length album (hard, bro, hard), he has a track out w bbno$ that’s over 12 million streams (which has allowed him to quit his day job and focus on music), and he’s got an upcoming show with smoking hot Cartel Madras at Fortune on Dec 19.

So. You heard it here first. We’re calling it. BAINS has got big things coming.

Win tix for the show!

- Tarun Nayar (@snakesxladders, @taruntspoon)

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