Trapistan is Taking Over Van With the Planet Goonda Tour

Goonda Rap duo Cartel Madras are making big moves these days and bringing serious heat to Vancouver on December 19 with their Planet Goonda Tour at Fortune Sound Club. The event is a 5X / Snakes x Ladders / Blueprint collaboration. Tickets can be purchased here.

Cartel Madras is Calgary-based and comprised of 2 ultra edgy South Asian sisters who skillfully craft a combination of cutthroat melody and in-your-face hip hop, a trailblazing first for the South Asian nation. Their debut mixtape titled: Project Goonda: Part 1 Trapistan, gained media attention and they’re steadily garnering a new fan following from all across the globe. The duo have recently signed to the record label, Sub Pop, and released their second EP Age of Goonda.

“Gangster, thuggish, raw, powerful” doesn’t come close to describing Cartel Madras’s flow. Get smacked with their rhythm on the 19th.

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