Pallaví Aka Fijiana’s Great Start to the New Year

Manisha Kiran (Instagram: @manishakiran_)

Pooja Pallavi, aka Fijiana, is a musician based out of Richmond, California. She currently has three tracks to her name, all of which curate a unique sound and depict just how diverse her talent really is. Pooja’s enticing and catchy lyrics, which are a great match to her exciting visuals, all come together to portray strong messages with themes surrounding race, gender, and identity. In fact, her most recent track titled “Identity,” reached over 27k views on Youtube, and has become an anthem for Fijian women across borders! Pooja’s work speaks for the Fijian community which is not well represented within entertainment or media, and her craft really challenges that! She was recently featured on MTV News which is a great start off to her year, and we are excited to see what other accomplishments she’ll bring to the table in 2020!

Instagram: @poojapallavi

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