Uncovering Rupi Kaur’s roots at 5X Fest

We're taking a look back at Rupi Kaur's roots with 5X Fest

How Jasmine Sandlas broke barriers by smoking weed on stage at the 5X Fest Block Party

Jasmine Sandlas lit up a spliff on stage and we love her for it.

This is our Canada: Tackling the latest Anti-Muslim hate crime

The recent anti-Muslim hate crime calls for leaders to take action addressing white supremacy.

OPINION: Repercussions of the myth of the mad genius

What are the dangers of romanticizing mental health and illness?

The evolution of 5X Festival

5X Press speaks with founder Tarun Nayar on the evolution of from VIBC to 5X Fest.

Surrey-born Jasman Sangha commits to NCAA basketball team in Texas

Sangha tells 5x Press about his journey to the NCAA and how the community helped keep him driven.

Online directory connects South Asian diaspora with mental health resources

Raj Kaur created

How Indian grocery stores produce culture and nostalgia in the diaspora

Indian grocery stores evoke nostalgia and act as social spaces for the community.

Surprise pop-up vaccination clinics neglect most vulnerable communities

Inequities in vaccine rollout revealed through a pop-up vaccination site in Surrey.

“What’s in a Name?” Neetu Garcha answered, and children of immigrants can relate

Neetu Garcha’s video on name diversity offers us a chance to reflect on how we navigate the world.

The duality of a Brown Girl who Tokes

5X Press speaks with notable brown cannabis connoisseur Brown Girl Tokes.

Brown TikTok and the troll industrial complex

How one brown boy is capitalizing on the troll industrial complex. And how it’s kind of our fault.

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