An honest review of Diljit Dosanjh’s latest album “MoonChild Era”

Manisha Singh/@exclusivelymanisha

On June 25 when Diljit Dosanjh posted on Instagram with the caption, “It’s a new era… It’s MoonChild era,” fans went wild. 

There was something mysterious about this newly announced project that enticed audiences right away. “MoonChild Era? What does that even mean?”

I too, wondered what exactly Dosanjh had up his sleeve for this project, and eagerly waited for it to drop this month.

I tapped into his social media, where Dosanjh dropped snippets and photos from the creation of the project, while garnering clout and building up the hype. He even posted candid photos with model Elwa Saleh who would later be featured in a music video off the album.

Prior to the release of MoonChild Era, Dosanjh took to Twitter to share that this project is not “just another album” to him, but rather is personal to his experiences.

But, was it “just another album” to audiences?

The reactions show that fans definitely don’t think so. 

An overwhelming amount of fans enjoyed the project, which was expected for the singer whose previous album G.O.A.T, pushed him to brand new heights in his career.

However, MoonChild Era was different from other projects that Dosanjh previously released.

There’s no doubt that when Dosanjh makes music, he generally doesn’t miss. A majority of his tracks have a replay factor to them, and this applies to many of the songs on MoonChild Era as well.

In my opinion, the best song on the album is Lover

Yes yes, how stereotypical of me to like the romantic song on the album most -- but the beat, lyrics, and overall song is super vibey, so much so that I can listen to it again and again. 

The music video for Lover is amazing as well.

It has some cool elements including a unique storyline where Dosanjh becomes encapsulated by the beauty of a mysterious woman (Saleh), and the video does not reveal her identity until the very end. Although, if you’ve been keeping up with his social media, you would have recognized her right away.

Although the album itself was not his best in my opinion, I thought Dosanjh truly pushed his limits and tapped into a side of himself that he hasn’t shown before, which is a commendable feat. 

This was especially evident with the intro track of the album titled “The Chosen One/the Intro” which is poetic, artistic, and has a peaceful vibe that is reassuring and calm. 

“I am Blooming,” Dosanjh narrates.

“It is a new beginning. Silence is speaking. My Life Experiences, My Mind, My Thoughts, My Understanding has no more importance.”

I was pleasantly surprised that the entire intro was recited in English, and that Dosanjh wrote the lyrics for it himself!

The music for the intro was created by Tarun Nayar, AKA Modern Biology, who also happens to be the Executive Director of 5X Fest.

“The track features yak bells I recorded in Bhutan, ambient modular synthesizers that I recorded in my studio in Vancouver. And birds and waves I recorded in the northern gulf islands. This is some TRIPPY West Coast ambient music, and it’s the intro track to what will likely be the biggest punjabi album of the year,” he wrote on Instagram.

“Serious. You can’t make this up. Truth is more wonderful than fiction.”

The fact that the album has a bit of Vancouver’s spirit tied into it makes it even more beautiful to me, and the fact that it also has a bit of Surrey, being produced by Surrey’s own, Intense.

Dosanjh is definitely expanding his wings and breaking barriers with each project, while simultaneously becoming more and more relatable to a wider audience.

So what did you think?

Was Dosanjh’s album worth all the hype?

If you haven’t listened to it, be sure to do so and let us know your thoughts!


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