COVID-19 got you feeling some type of way?

Vaneet Kaur (@veekaur_)

It’s been about 10 days since we’ve all been quarantined, life seems weird, and you’re probably running out of snacks because let’s face it, they were probably gone by day 4, am I right? But enough is enough! Time to bring some normalcy into our lives and work towards building those gains at home! COVID-19 aint got nothing on us as long as we keep moving! Here’s some motivation to get you started, so get out of your PJ’s and let's get active. 

1. 30 day abs of steel: working on your core strength makes everything better because it allows your body to function properly. This challenge will have your body rolls turn into your ab goals! 

2. Are you paranoid of going outside for a run and don’t have a cardio machine at home? No problem! This full body workout will have you sweating buckets by the time you’re done! Follow along with Athlene-X for at-home workout routines that don’t require any equipment.

3. Looking for a challenge? Follow Charan Singh (@trainwithcharan) for daily motivation and workout Inspiration to get your body back in shape the right way. Charan focuses on warrior wisdom to transform your mindset to be your best self mentally and physically.

4. Need something a little more grounding to help soothe your anxiety from all the mayhem and fake news being spread around? Yoga is a great way to stretch out your muscles, increase body awareness, calming your nervous system, and relieving stress. Follow along with this 20 minute flow for a nice stretch.

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