5X Weekly Roundup: Supporters of Farmers Protests outside India risk losing Visas, “Bones Day” takes over, & a long-overdue reckoning in the NHL

A roundup of 5 trending stories from the past week that you may have missed.

Khanvict’s latest EP: an escape worth remembering

Khanvict has released a new EP and we've got a review to go with it!

The problematic saga of brown face, colourism and casteism In Bollywood and Indian TV shows

Season 2 of The Family Man and the problematic use of Brown face.

Brown people's proximity to whiteness can bolster white supremacy and Islamophobia too

Being racialized does not absolve you from taking part in upholding white supremacy.

'Hooped' by Michael Bains: Surrey author breaks into the literary world

5X Press gives you a review on Hooped by Surrey's own Michael Bains.

One year after the BLM protests: what we learned

A year after the BLM protests, we look back at what needs to happen and what we've learned.

Immigrants blind nationalism further perpetuates harm experienced by Indigenous peoples

Immigrant communities carry bias and lack of education around Indigenous communities.

India’s previous, decades-old support for Palestinian liberation means little to Hindutva fascists. Here’s why:

Why Hindu nationalists support Israel.

Producer Hark on bagging his first commercial deal with Adidas

5X Press chats with producer Hark about landing a deal with Adidas and what inspires his music.

Diaspora Creative: a production house that challenges identity

Co-founder of Diaspora Creative speaks with 5X Press about their origins and future storytelling.

COVID-19 is devastating India. What are Bollywood stars doing to help?

Some of Bollywood’s biggest stars are MIA as COVID-19 rages across India.

Dank Mart: Built on creating community & leaving a legacy

We caught up with Spensir Sangara, owner of the popular snack bodega.

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