Much to the horror of most of the world, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, aka, “The Notorious R.B.G.” passed away on September 18, 2020. 

A role model for children around the world, RBG’s  list of accomplishments appears endless. 

She was always the only woman, or one of a few women in almost every stage of her life: as a law student, a professor, in court, and also as a Justice on the Supreme Court. 

She was a strong advocate for equality and women’s rights throughout her tenure on the Supreme Court. 

One of the main reasons that she is looked up to is because of the many strong messages she shared and stood for. Ginsburg  was a champion for justice and an inspiration to women and men all around the world.

She overcame many obstacles, as a woman, a Jewish person, her husband’s battle with cancer, as well as having cancer herself. 

Specifically, because of her gender, Ginsburg was denied a job, was reportedly demoted from her position when she became pregnant, as well was rejected from the Supreme Court clerkship. 

But she never let these things stop her from fighting, for herself, and for others.

She continued to be a fierce advocate for women and for minorities throughout her life and her career. She always conveyed her opinion in an easy to understand way, so that the law was accessible to everyone. Her dissenting opinion was so powerful that it often created ripple effects in society.

Several major decisions that she played a role in were:

1.      She fought for the rights of people with disabilities: mental illness and how they should be allowed to live in communities.

2.      She wrote an opinion about gender discrimination in a case about wage gap which was transformative.

3.      Got rid of the policy of a college which only accepted male members.

4.      Voted for Same-Sex Marriage which granted the right to marry same-sex couples in all 50 states.

5.      Voted in favor of preclearance to make sure that states needed permission to change voting requirements.

6.      Played a hand in striking down legislation that allows certain non-citizens to be expelled from the country.

7.      She did not agree with the decision to not recount the votes during the 2000 US Election: Bush vs. Gore.

The legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg will carry on for generations and social justice advocates today can learn from her and also continue to continue her legacy. 

Her passing was a big loss for the global community and she will be missed, not just for what she did throughout her career, but all that she represented.

If you want to learn more about her, there is a movie called “On the Basis of Sex” and a book that she wrote called, “My Own Words”.

RBG will always be fondly remembered as a fierce social justice activist, and a legend with monumental impact.

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