Happy pictures, unhappy people: A breakdown of the impact of the Indian wedding industrial complex

How our focus on external validation is costing us so much more than the price of the wedding

Quick math: The financial and emotional cost of a big fat Indian wedding

A bride shares the costs, financial and emotional, for her upcoming wedding.

Media representation is meaningless when queer South Asians are continuously sidelined

A personal reflection on queerness, identity, representation & more.

Ranjit Bawa’s new song incites misogyny and homophobia

Ranjit Bawa’s new song proves that the Punjabi music industry still has a lot of work to do

I’m tired of the exhausting performance of identity on social media, but there really is no escaping it.

Instagram was down for a few hours and I momentarily was at peace. Am I the problem?

On my own journey to healing, I ended up taking my mother along.

On recognizing the importance of caring for myself, and bringing my mother with me.

It’s time we stop protecting abusers and start showing up for survivors of sexual violence

The protection of abusers come at a cost for survivors of sexual violence

G. Sidhu’s new song raises awareness around mental health in the South Asian community

G. Sidhu is a popular Punjabi singer who is attempting to create awareness around mental health.

Why I as a South Asian woman, have no interest in marriage

Breaking out of society’s expectation of how a South Asian woman should be, look like, and act.

“King Of The World:” A podcast on an individual’s journey as a Pakistani American Muslim following 9/11

The podcast launches on September 1.

Desis, we do not need to make ourselves more palatable

On Gene Weingarten & why we do not need to appease old white men and their dull palates.

The unfair double standard of “professionalism” for people of colour in the workplace

“Understanding and dealing with the challenges of being a POC in professional spaces”

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