Anxious mom takes on the holidays, setting boundaries with yourself and presence over presents

"The truth is we set ourselves up for failure when we keep the cycle of needing to do more going."

Survival patterns; our friends or enemies?

How unpacking our survival patterns can turn into epiphanies

‘Is there a Doctor on board?’: The value of mental health first aid training

Jessie shares a personal account of what happened when a medical emergency was called on her flight

Discourses I hated this week: Chris Brown defenders and Marvel slander

I'm tired of talking about Chris Brown.

Work in progress

"I’ll never be so 'healed' that I don’t still mess up from time to time."

Discourses I hated this week: Elon Musk and Brown Twitter

Are we witnessing fall of twitter in real time?

First comes love, then comes marriage, and then there’s the part no one talks about

How our community leaves South Asian women with more questions than answers after getting married

My journey on medication: A little white pill and a decade of change

Your environment truly does make a huge impact on how your mental health medication affects you

Navigating mental health care when your diagnosis “doesn’t exist”

Being misdiagnosed for mental illness can have significant consequences for your healing journey.

The problem with romanticizing the overworked mother

Just because women can balance it all, doesn’t mean they should have to

International Day of the Girl Child is a reminder that the battle for women’s rights is far from over

What are we really celebrating on this day?

4 things I wish I knew about going to therapy

Everyone says go to therapy, but is it really the only way?

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