On Mandeep Kaur and the cycle of failure in the Punjabi community

The cycle of failure in our community must end. It truly is a matter of life and death. 

The Pursuit of Everything

The pursuit of everything was really just a nudging urgency to fill the nothingness.

Anxious mom series: The local vacation I almost didn’t take

Sharing my anxieties around travel, weddings, COVID, and life in general as an anxious mom.

Why the way we treat divorced South Asian women is a matter of life and death

When will we stop shaming women for getting a divorce?

"I didn't think anyone cared," South Asian man shares his challenges with mental health

It's important we create space for the men around us.

Online hate sparks conversation regarding homophobia in the South Asian community

Homophobic comments were recently left on a 5XFest Pride post on Instagram.

No exemptions from Reconciliation: my reflections as a child of immigrants

As settlers on this land, reconciliation is our responsibility too. Time to learn and take action.

Sh*t you can't ask your parents: Impostor syndrome

"We are expected to be damn near perfect."

My mom did my Palla ceremony and I have no regrets

The choice to have my mother complete the Palla Rasam became very controversial within my family

You can keep your Rainbow slacktivism this Pride month

PRIDE has gone from a radical celebration to a corporate ploy for money, and we aren't here for it.

Addressing the phenomenon of Brown men dating white women

How cultural and familial expectations play a role in this phenomenon.

From public stages to behind closed doors: The much-needed reckoning for sexual violence survivors

The Kaur Movement has been leading the charge against predators in the South Asian community.

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