Ask Manjot: How do I set boundaries with an overly friendly coworker?

My boyfriend has this work colleague that keeps calling him "honey," what should I do?

How challenging South Asian wedding standards gave us the wedding we truly wanted

Our wedding taught us the importance of knowing our priorities and mastering the art of compromise

Shifting the narrative: How ever-changing body standards affected my relationship with health and wellness

A kinesiologist’s take on health and wellness in the South Asian community.

How I reinvented my idea of “home” after immigrating to Canada

Bhumika shares the journey of finding her home after leaving India in 2018.

Mental health crises in public spaces deserve to be met with compassion and support

Shaming, belittling or degrading someone for experiencing a mental health episode is never okay.

How the transition to post academic life is teaching me to accept myself as I am

"Exceeding academically and being rewarded for my work was how I learned to measure my worth."

When moving out is hard but necessary: An open letter to the women and families on the precipice of change

The greatest gift you can give your daughters is to set them free.

Celebrating independence after leaving a household with domestic violence

Why I celebrate the day my mother left my father after 12 years of marriage.

Navigating the New Year when people praise your body dysmorphia

The pressure to rebuild your body cuts deep in the new year

Why Lilly Singh’s partnership with Johnnie Walker cuts deep two years later

Johnnie Walker is a long-standing symbol in the community, but what does it really stand for?

Anxious mom takes on the holidays, setting boundaries with yourself and presence over presents

"The truth is we set ourselves up for failure when we keep the cycle of needing to do more going."

Survival patterns; our friends or enemies?

How unpacking our survival patterns can turn into epiphanies

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