Arts & culture

Arts & culture

Beyoncé ushers in a new era with Renaissance

The Beyhive was blessed with new music this summer from their favourite queen.
Arts & culture

Ms. Marvel: Collective win for the diaspora

Ms. Marvel severely underrated by many despite the amazing diversity and showcase of culture
Arts & culture

5 Female & Non-Binary South Asian DJs you should follow

They are giving us the freshest tunes with Desi influences
Arts & culture

Unpacking the appropriation of regional music in bollywood

Bollywood’s latest song remake fits within a long history of appropriating regional music
Arts & culture

My reflections on Mississippi Masala and Anti-Blackness in the South Asian community

Dismantling anti-Blackness by unlearning what we’ve been taught
Arts & culture

Meet the performers: Rehma, a dreamy artist making her own space in the music world

Rehma will be hitting the stage at the 5X Blockparty on June 11
Arts & culture

How the portrayal of leading ladies in Bollywood impacted my idea of what it means to be a suitable partner

Why does Bollywood sell only one ‘perfect’ leading lady as an acceptable love match?
Arts & culture

Jasmine Sandlas, The PropheC, AR Paisley & more: Announcing the 5X Fest 2022 lineup

Who to expect at the Blockparty this year
Arts & culture

How Dev.D gave Devdas the transformation it needed

A reflection on the 2009 film Dev. D
Arts & culture

What does the rising popularity of AP Dhillon mean for the future of Punjabi music?

AP Dhillon’s opening doors for young Punjabi artists to create a fresh, hybrid sound
Arts & culture

Can men really express their feelings?

A new production in town showcases a hilarious, heart-warming saga where men learn to finally emote.
Arts & culture

5 South Asian romance novel recommendations

South Asian romance novels are an expansive sub-genre. Here are some recommendations!

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