Arts & culture

Arts & culture

Falling in love behind the screens with Kiran and Ankush from Popshift’s ‘Desi Me Dating’

An exclusive update from the sweethearts from this season of Popshift's online dating show
Arts & culture

Was AP Dhillon's Vancouver show really 'Out of This World'?

Fans of AP Dhillon paid big to see him live but many left feeling unsure if it was worth it
Arts & culture

Jab We Met: Celebrating the modern Bollywood classic 15 years later

The film still remains a beloved Bollywood movie with a great rewatch potential
Arts & culture

Hasan Minhaj’s latest Netflix special proves he is everyone’s favourite Jester once again

The King's Jester is a testament to Minhaj's ability to weave storytelling with social commentary
Arts & culture

Season 2 of "Desi Me Dating" pops off

Desi Me Dating by PopShift is back for season 2 and is a must-watch.
Arts & culture

Pallavi Sharda on Netflix’s "Wedding Season" and the power of South Asian representation

5XPress sat down with actress Pallavi Sharda to talk all things “Wedding Season”
Arts & culture

Devi Vishwakumar is the chaotic protagonist I needed when I was younger

Why my 16-year-old self would have loved Never Have I Ever
Arts & culture

Soni Pabla Lives on for Eternity in Posthumous Track ‘She’s the One’

Ikky gives late Punjabi singer Soni Pabla a comeback to continue his legacy
Arts & culture

My reflections on “A Place for Us” and the role of family, faith and trauma

A review of Fatima Farheen Mirza’s debut novel and the interweaving themes it explores
Arts & culture

Beyoncé ushers in a new era with Renaissance

The Beyhive was blessed with new music this summer from their favourite queen.
Arts & culture

Ms. Marvel: Collective win for the diaspora

Ms. Marvel severely underrated by many despite the amazing diversity and showcase of culture
Arts & culture

5 Female & Non-Binary South Asian DJs you should follow

They are giving us the freshest tunes with Desi influences

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