Arts & culture

Arts & culture

The origins and revival of Punjabi garage music

A deep dive into the history of Y2K Punjabi garage music in the UK and its evolution to present day
Arts & culture

Artist Jessie Sohpaul on creating art that reflects his Punjabi experience

Sohpaul showcases his work in a new short film titled “Coming Home”
Arts & culture

5 books by South Asian authors we’re reading right now

On a quest for more South Asian representation in books, we’ve compiled a list of must-reads.
Arts & culture

A new art exhibit in Toronto is celebrating the history of Sikh women

Visiting chashm-e-bulbul during a time of self-discovery
Arts & culture

Four relatable shows about mental health that we all need

Shows that accurately depict what it means to be living with a mental illness.
Arts & culture

Netflix’s Sex Education gives the progressive portrayal of teenage sexuality I wish I had when I was younger

Coming from a community where sex isn't talked about, this show would've been empowering.
Arts & culture

Avanti Nagral: an artist who dedicates her voice to both music and social issues

Avanti Nagral will be at the 5X Blockparty this weekend
Arts & culture

Emergence: Using film as a medium to support queer South Asians

Sher Vancouver’s film Emergence tells the stories of queer South Asians, heartbreak, & acceptance
Arts & culture

Meet Guntaj Deep Singh: The creative mind behind this Punjabi mural in Vancouver’s Punjabi Market

5X Press had the chance to speak with Guntaj, who let us in on his creative process and inspirations
Arts & culture

These Punjabi board books help preserve the Punjabi language

Harmeet Mann’s children board book sets are a way to connect with the Punjabi culture and language.
Arts & culture

Indian Matchmaking’s Emmy nomination: why we need a reality check

Why are we still in denial about the reality of Indian Matchmaking?
Arts & culture

The 5X Festival Block Party is back in person this year and tickets are limited -- you won't want to miss out!

5X Festival’s annual Block Party is back this year and more hype than ever before.

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