5X Festival week is right around the corner and this year we’re encouraging you all to walk with us into a world of South Asian art and creativity with 5X Fest 2023: Enter the Portal

Though long overdue, the South Asian arts and culture scene is taking the world by storm. In the past few years, we’ve seen our communities reach new levels of global acclaim—from movies like Wedding Season topping the Netflix charts, to a slate of South Asian artists like Diljit Dosanjh, Ali Sethi, Joy Crookes, Jai Wolf hitting the Coachella stage, Telugu music celebrated at the Oscars, AP Dhillon’s global success and so much more. It's only up from here.

There’s no shortage of brilliant and dedicated creatives in the many communities that fall under the umbrella of “South Asian”—especially in the Lower Mainland, and especially in Surrey.  

Art is so integral to our cultures and who we are as people, yet those of us who come from immigrant backgrounds may have been discouraged from pursuing art and creativity full-time. This reluctance is often the result of a scarcity mindset and the pressure to adhere to the model minority myth. We’ve often been told that creative spaces aren’t meant for us, artistic careers are too risky and we should stick to jobs that will secure generational wealth. 

This year with the 5X Festival we’re challenging that notion by inviting you to enter the portal into the world you want to live in—a world where your identity and artistic passions can thrive together. From June 11th to 18th, we’re gathering artists from all disciplines for a week of programming that celebrates South Asian creativity in all its glory. Each event allows you to connect with your own inner artist and prompts you to step into a world where opportunities to support and engage with South Asian art in our very own communities are the norm. 

The week will include an imaginative creative writing workshop hosted by 5X Press, an exploration of South Asian poetry and storytelling, a joy-filled celebration of South Asian queerness, our debut Art Party at the Surrey Art Gallery featuring four multidisciplinary exhibits from South Asian creatives, and of course our flagship music festival showcasing Surrey’s finest, the 5X Blockparty

Each of our events will bring you through the portal into a new world, stretch your imagination and inspire your inner artist. We can’t wait to see you there. 

Click here for tickets to each event for 5X Fest 2023: Enter the Portal.

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