Tesher: A rising musician whose bringing Bollywood to Hollywood

From Jalebi Baby to international success: who is Tesher, and what's next?

Your ultimate hot girl summer playlist

Check out this #HotGirlSummer playlist featuring Doja Cat, Kamaiyah, Stefflon Don and more!

Revisiting the 2019 5X Fest art party

5X Press goes back into the archives to tell you all about our art party.

Meet The Founder of Viti Vibes TV, a Platform Highlighting the Accomplishments of Local Fijian Youth

5X Press speaks to Shannon Permal about her show which focuses on the Fijian youth experience.

UNION: local sci-fi art exhibition is a portal into the year 3000

Artists Kiran Bhumber and Nancy Lee showcase a dystopian year 3000 in their new exhibit.

Did Canada turn its back on India’s worst public health crisis?

As India continues to be tragically affected by COVID-19, why is Canada not doing more to help?

Leading intentionally: New West School Trustee Gurveen Dhaliwal on creating meaningful change

As the elected Chair of the Board of Education, Gurveen is committed to supporting students.

After over 100 days of protests, Kisaan Sleepout looks to raise awareness for farmers in India

With heavy hearts we watched our elders march to Delhi. We had to do something.

Drink The Sea: A Poetic Documentary on Addiction

From the film maker: A personal and poetic look into the making of a documentary on addiction.

Let’s talk about the unpaid labour of South Asian mothers this Women’s Day

Because they also deserve their applause.

Afrofuturism in Art : Here are 5 local Black artists we’re grateful for

Afrofuturism is reimagining a future filled with art, science and technology through a Black lens.

I can’t be the only one who thinks Valentine’s Day is a scam

A malignant holiday worthy of no celebration.

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