5 South Asian creatives you need to follow

Here are five trailblazing South Asians on social media. Go show them some love!

Addressing sexual assault as a systemic issue in universities

Looking at sexual violence as an institutional issue within universities and society as a whole.

Resources for Surrey youth to access amid gang violence concerns

The recent announcement of funding towards crime prevention promises resources, but is it enough?

The Billboard Music Awards 2021 wrap up

5X Press breaks down the top moment from the Billboard Music Awards.

Sidhu Moosewala is rolling out the long-awaited Moosetape

Sidhu Moosewala's has started to release songs from the highly anticipated 32-track Moosetape.

A Little Late with Lilly ends as Singh makes the move to Netflix

Lilly Singh and Kenya Barris, the new dynamic-ish duo.

Did ASOS miss the mark on their new South Asian “Bridal Wear” collection?

ASOS has newly introduced South Asian wedding attire, is it appropriation or appreciation?

Five unique local South Asian restaurants to check out

Here are five local restaurants serving up an array of unique South Asian dishes.

The escalating COVID-19 situation in India, and how you can help

The second wave of the COVID-19 crisis has shaken India and its medical system to its core.

What are the impacts of inequitable vaccine rollout both locally and globally?

Ensuring equitable access to vaccines among all populations start by acknowledging systemic racism.

A one-of-a-kind Sikh Studies program is coming soon to the University of Calgary

UCalgary is taking donations to establish the Expanding Sikh Studies initiative

Indie music from India: Here are 5 artists who make the genre magical

A melting pot of various genres, the independent music in India is only growing

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