Anik Khan is Revolutionizing the Music Industry

Mustafa Dewji (@mustafadewji)

Anik Khan is a Bengali-American rapper who has done an amazing job in creating  South Asian representation within the music industry. However, his journey in navigating the industry as a Bengali was not an easy one. It has always been super important for Anik to maintain ownership of his music. The record labels either were not allowing him to do so or would simply put him in a box because of his race and did not know how to market a Bengali rapper. This is when he realized that he would have to find an innovative way to sustain his art. Through marketing campaigns with streaming services like Saavn he was able to generate revenue while maintaining ownership of his art. He also created a streetwear brand called “The Foreign Affair” that allows him to create a special relationship with his fans while also being able to support his music career. Despite the issues within the music industry, Anik Khan has managed to maintain his identity and values while also creating an inclusive community among his fans and supporters. 

Read more about how Anik has managed to create an inclusive entrepreneurial business model in this article from Forbes.

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