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Jessie Brar

Jessie Brar

Jessie Brar (she/her) is a writer, public speaker, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion professional and Mental Health Activist. She graduated from Queen's University with a degree in Psychology and has worked with several notable organisations worldwide to help raise awareness around important social justice topics and advocate for change. She is deeply passionate about her intersectional identities and is committed to being a life-long learner through her work. Check her out on Instagram - @jessieebrar.


5XPress’ Desi Holiday Gift Guide 2022

5X is here to save you from your gift-giving block this holiday season.

‘Is there a Doctor on board?’: The value of mental health first aid training

Jessie shares a personal account of what happened when a medical emergency was called on her flight
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Did 'Love is Blind' bring the magic back?

Love is Blind season 3 is over and it’s time to see if it redeemed itself
Arts & culture

Falling in love behind the screens with Kiran and Ankush from Popshift’s ‘Desi Me Dating’

An exclusive update from the sweethearts from this season of Popshift's online dating show
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Season 3 of Netflix's hit reality show 'Love is Blind' is still a hot mess

It doesn't seem like Love is Blind after all...

My journey on medication: A little white pill and a decade of change

Your environment truly does make a huge impact on how your mental health medication affects you

Navigating mental health care when your diagnosis “doesn’t exist”

Being misdiagnosed for mental illness can have significant consequences for your healing journey.

The problem with romanticizing the overworked mother

Just because women can balance it all, doesn’t mean they should have to

4 things I wish I knew about going to therapy

Everyone says go to therapy, but is it really the only way?
Arts & culture

Season 2 of "Desi Me Dating" pops off

Desi Me Dating by PopShift is back for season 2 and is a must-watch.
Arts & culture

Soni Pabla Lives on for Eternity in Posthumous Track ‘She’s the One’

Ikky gives late Punjabi singer Soni Pabla a comeback to continue his legacy
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Ranveer Singh faces backlash for baring it all

India pushes political agenda by punishing Ranveer Singh for self-expression

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