Warning: If you haven’t seen the finale of Love is Blind season 3, stop now! There are many spoilers ahead.

Another tumultuous season of Love is Blind, full of jaw dropping moments, drama, and of course love, has come to an end. I’ll admit, when I first started the season, I watched with a bit of reluctance. 

It felt like the people on the show were no longer genuinely looking for love and more so were looking for a quick bit of TV fame. However, the last few episodes may have sparked some hope in me.

As all the couples approached the altar, it was finally time to see if our predictions would come true. Here’s my take on how it all played out:

Nancy & Bartise

In a shocking turn of events, Nancy said ‘I do’ and Bartise didn’t! Actually, is it really that shocking? He did pretty much tell her he didn’t find her attractive. Bartise’s motives have been questionable all along, but I really did hope Nancy would be the one to say no. I’m sure we all knew he was far too immature for Nancy this whole time, but he certainly dug his grave even deeper. Later on in the reunion, a rumour about Bartise getting with someone new just days after the show was addressed. Contrary to what he said, I feel like Bartise was very aware he wasn’t planning on saying yes to Nancy all along and was playing the part just to make the most of his screen time. At least Andrew wasn’t shy about hiding his motives. 

Colleen & Matt

This was another one that I don’t think many of us saw coming. This couple both said yes and committed to each other at the altar and are surprisingly still together, although they are still living apart. It looks to me like they’re still building their relationship, but I don’t see them working out long term because it seems that they still have important hurdles to overcome in regards to building a secure relationship together. They may have gotten wrapped up in the process and jumped the gun, but who knows, they could be a couple that surprises us all and makes it far like Amber and Barnett, who just celebrated their four year anniversary.. 

Zanab & Cole

We knew this one wasn’t going to go well, but I’m pretty sure no one was expecting Zanab’s epic clapback. I was definitely clapping along with her family and friends as she stood up for herself and told Cole off at the altar. 

Cole definitely got the brunt of the negativity at the reunion. It’s very clear that everyone, except maybe Bartise, has sided with Zanab and agree that Cole treated her poorly throughout their relationship.

I don’t have much sympathy for Cole’s position. He comes from a place of ignorance and privilege and doesn’t see the harm he caused. It was especially heartbreaking to hear Zanab talk about some of the moments that weren’t seen on camera, especially Cole commenting on her food consumption. As someone who has also struggled with disordered eating, it hit all too close to home to hear how Zanab’s self-esteem and confidence was broken. It also speaks to her character so much as she was comforting Cole and helping him feel loved as he was breaking down. Did Cole learn his lesson though? I don’t think so.

Raven & SK

In a selfless act of love, SK said no at the altar, despite Raven assuring him she would say yes. Although shocking in the moment, in hindsight, this was a sacrifice he made knowing marriage  could potentially end his relationship because he didn’t want to burden Raven with starting off a marriage long-distance.

At first, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this couple, mostly because Raven seemed so uninterested in the process, but after seeing the reunion, it changed everything for me. Raven and SK are still happily together and in love. It may not have made sense through the edits we watched, but it looks like they truly found a deep connection. 

Alexa & Brennan

As predicted, they made it! This couple remained pretty much unproblematic throughout the show. You could tell how much Brennan cared for Alexa and how he embraced every single part of her and it was even more evident during his vows. 

Brennan is definitely the MVP of the cast in my opinion. His presence at the reunion and the way he called out Cole and others on their problematic behaviour had me screaming! Props to  him for shutting down the use of words like ‘insane’ and ‘crazy’ to describe an upset woman. I see this couple going far. They’re starting to give me Lauren and Cameron vibes and I’m very interested to continue watching their journey (and thankfully we still have After the Altar to look forward to in a few months). 

The finale of Love is Blind season 3 definitely came with some redemption in the fourth quarter of the show. I think the final few episodes unleashed true emotions, which is what the audience had been missing in the prior episodes. However, even though the cast was finally more engaging, they still weren’t the real stars. In my opinion, the parents stole the show!

The moments that got my heart the most were the parents interacting with their kids, and their potential partners. As SK said no at the altar, his mom comforted Raven, knowing that she didn’t have her mother there to lean on. This moment brought me to tears because it was so pure and came from a place of unconditional love. It’s amazing to know that they still have a great relationship today!

In addition, the way Nancy’s family was so passionate about her was inspiring, but moreover, hearing her mom say that she knew she had to stay strong for Nancy and protect her pulled on my heartstrings. 

As Zanab said no, her step-mom stopped to pray for Cole, while still supporting her decisions. She showed the importance of kindness and it went a long way. And of course, Alexa’s daddy and everyone else's' Zaddy, Mr. Alfia, showing his emotions and crying as he gave his daughter away was a moment that was so special to watch.

I’m sure season 4 is already in the works, but producers take note: the drama is fun to watch, but what drew viewers to the show was the belief that love really could be blind.  We want to see more raw emotion, real feelings and love come to light.

For the future, I’d love to see an episode where all the couples go to counseling together and are able to address their issues with a professional. Moreover, fans have been asking for more diversity from the cast, especially body wise, and production unfortunately pinned that on Alexa—the first clip she got on the show was about her weight. We want diversity, not using someone’s identity as a token. 

I’d love to see people of all different backgrounds finding love on this journey.

In the end, I still believe that Love is Blind and I’ll be watching for the next season. I hope to see more love to come.

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