Love is Blind, everyone’s favourite pandemic binge and social experiment, is back for a third season! 

In Season 1 of the hit show we saw the success stories of fan-favourites Lauren and Cameron, as well as controversial pairing Amber and Barnett come to life. 

As the world was shutting down around us in the beginning of 2020, many found themselves at home searching for a release from the stress of the lockdown. In that, I, like many others, found myself scrolling through Netflix for a pick-me-up and something to make me feel good. Love is Blind gave us hopeless romantics something to hold onto and put a smile on our faces.

 Amber and Barnett were a surprise to me, but they’re still going strong today. Lauren and Cameron were the couple I absolutely fell in love with and I stan their relationship so hard until this day. 

Season 2 gave us Nick and Danielle, Iyanna and Jarrett tying the knot, but sadly, neither couple made it past the 1 year mark and announced plans for divorce in August 2022.

I know we love love, but let’s be real, when we watch this show—we’re in it for the drama. Season 1 was all about watching Jessica spiral into a wine oblivion as she chased the much younger Mark Cuevas, and the constant bickering between Giannina and Damian, especially when Damian pulled up to the reunion with Too Hot to Handle star, Francesca Farago. 

Season 2 upped the ante by giving us a series villain Shake. Rumour has it he’s been excommunicated by all of the Love is Blind cast—a surprise to no one.

We know in order to keep ratings high, the drama must continue and only get bigger. 

Season 3 definitely delivered, but the editing team may have done too much. 

Let’s start off with the obvious: Andrew, a director of operations from Texas who was pursuing Nancy, a speech language pathologist, in the pods. 

After Nancy decided to reject Andrew’s proposal to pursue Bartise, the show cut to his confessional—a key pillar of reality television. As we all eagerly await to hear how hurt he is about being left for another man, he stops the producers to ask them if they’re rolling. . . and proceeds to put eye drops in his eye! I couldn’t help but shudder and cringe when I saw that.

Were his eyes really dry, or was he trying to conjure up some fake tears to gain favour with the audience and skyrocket into reality star fame? I’m sure it’ll be addressed properly at the reunion, but my gut says the producers did what they do best, and threw Andrew under the bus for some ratings.

The tears were bad, but in my eyes, what was worse was Raven doing jumping jacks as her love interest, Bartise poured his heart out through the pods. What’s even worse is that Raven has now come out saying that production had nothing to do with it, she just had some very bad timing for her exercises.

Those weren’t the only shocking moments of the show so far. We also got to witness both Cole and Bartise openly talk about how they were more attracted to other women they had dated a week prior, right in front of their current fiancées. I know there are a lot of opinions on being able to openly talk about other people you may find attractive while in a relationship, but I think it’s important we keep in mind the timeline and the point of the show. Everyone’s there to find love, and so you could very well be left, even before the altar. 

I’m totally team Zanab on this one. 

Moreover, it was very interesting to see a lot of the commentary around the men being more attracted to women that are racially more similar to them. Especially in the case of Cole, many have commented that it seems his attraction to Colleen, despite knowing that she is not looking for the same things in a relationship, increased versus what he felt for Zanab.

Another moment that stood out was the very real conversations about abortion. Although they had opposing views, I found it insightful to hear both sides. I also think it was something very brave and real for Nancy to bring up and explore as a topic. It was a little hard to see Bartise’s sister’s reaction to hearing that Nancy would consider an abortion under certain circumstances. I find it’s a common tactic to try and sway others through tears and emotion. I do believe her reaction was genuine, but I found it hard to watch how they shut down any further conversation or understanding to happen.

If there’s anything that Love is Blind demonstrates, it’s how important it is to have important conversations about one’s values before getting married. 

Honestly, based on what I’ve seen so far, I don’t see any of these couples working out. The magic of believing in this process has started to wear off for the audience and everything is feeling more than a little forced. Still, you already know I’ll be tuning into the final few episodes. 

Here are my predictions for the finale:

Nancy & Bartise: They are definitely not on the same level and Nancy deserves better. 

Colleen & Matt:  I think Matt’s insecurities are going to get the best of him and he’ll push Colleen away.

Zanab & Cole: Zanab will walk away from Cole at the altar and choose herself, having the potential for her very own Deepti moment.

Raven & SK: Raven will reject SK (I think she was just in it for the airtime all along).

Alexa & Brennan - If anyone makes it this season, it’s going to be them. And it probably will be because the producers need at least one success story. 

This season has already been a very spicy one full of drama and I feel like what’s to come will be no less. Even if you’re starting to lose a little bit of faith in the process like I am, the need to know is far too great. Will there be a last minute turn around and we’ll get to see some true love shine through? We’ve got 3 more episodes (which just dropped yesterday) and a reunion to see how it all ends.

PS: Did anyone else see a blink-and-you-miss-it clip of a cute Brown guy? Well ladies, say hello to Simmer Pal Bajwa, a University of North Texas Engineering grad from Dallas, Texas. He’s still on the market so shoot your shot. 

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