Sher Vancouver Celebrates the Strength of Diversity In Promo On Upcoming Local Film "Emergence: Out of the Shadows"

Jagreet Dhadli – GM of 5X Fest, Primary at

Our Community Partner SHER Vancouver – a non-for-profit organization that supports South Asians part of the LGBTQ2+ community in the Lower Mainland – is producing their second film called EMERGENCE: Out of the Shadows that is coming out in 2020. Check out this 90 second clip on what Producer and Founder of SHER Alex Sangha and the Director of the film Vinay Giridhar have to say about their experience creating this film so far!

What is Emergence about? Emergence explores “the taboo topic of being gay or lesbian in the South Asian community of Metro Vancouver and abroad. Kayden tells a poignant story of family rejection and self-discovery while embracing his newfound family and life. Parents and their children discuss the struggles they have endured and overcome to preserve the family through generations to come. Success often means setting aside long-established culture and tradition for compassion, love, and acceptance.”

5X Fest is a place for representation and the inclusion of all South Asians. We recognize the struggle of many LGBTQ2+ youth in our community and stand in solidarity with you – we are also incredibly proud of the team that is working on this film. Keep an eye out on 5XPress to catch more details on the film as they develop!

More info on Sher Vancouver can be found here.

While you’re at it… check out their super helpful resources page

Check out Emergence’s website here.



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