Open mic night with Rupi Kaur

Vaneet Kaur (veekaur_)

Rupi Kaur really knows how to “hit you in the feels” when it comes to her concise poetry style, but even more so when it comes to her spoken word pieces. Her words are simply magical. 

Having the honour of listening to her in-person when she first started sharing her words at open mic nights in coffee shops and creative spaces, to a scale where hundreds, if not thousands of people pay to see her perform, was incredible. The way she uses different mediums of sound, movement, light, and art to create an experience when she performs is what is captivating about Rupi Kaur, she entices her audience by leaving a lasting impression of her work.

Over the past few weeks, Rupi has been connecting with her fans through social media by doing live writing workshops to encourage people to write poetry. She is using her platform as a creative space for her fans to discover, or in many cases, re-discover their love for writing, and have a few share what they have written, as they share the space with her, live and recite their poetry to her 4 million Instagram following. That’s courageous to say the least!

Now, Rupi is turning the mic around to her audience by giving them the platform to share their words. On a day that is yet to be decided, Rupi will be hosting a live open mic night, where she will be handpicking a lineup of amazing talent to share a night-in with poetry.

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