Horsepowar’s latest EP is the unapologetic brown girl anthem we need right now

Rumneek Johal (@rumandwoke)

Rapper Horsepowar recently dropped a new EP, Lil Miss Canada, reminding us all why she’s a brown girl badass, with her dope sounds, bold delivery, and unapologetic lyrics.

The EP, which was produced by DJ LMNOP, dropped on July 31, 2020.

Horsepowar’s sound on the EP oozes confidence, her self love and self assurance coming across through the sound waves like the brown girl baddie she is.

With tracks for self love and confidence, a breakup, and unapologetically talking about sex and sexuality, she serves as an inspiration for other brown girls who may feel shame openly talking about, or even rapping along to, songs about the same topics.

“Don’t let anyone bring you down” - lyrics from Perfume, one of the tracks on the EP.

As a South Asian female rapper who boldly talks about sex and sexuality, freedom, feminism and self love and confidence, and so much more, Horsepowar challenges patriarchal notions that often police the behaviour of women, and reinforce double standards, by kicking all of that to the curb.

She can talk about whatever she wants because she doesn’t care about other people’s opinions, which in our culture where “Lok ki kahenge” is always front of mind, is admirable and inspiring as hell.

The EP is a women’s empowerment anthem from a rapper who doesn’t need your opinion to feel good about herself, and that’s what makes it so great -- because it invites you to do the same.

“Damn, I look good today” - Fuck your Algorithm

Her confident lyrics serve as a reminder to love up on yourself for the dope energy and traits within you, without seeking validation from anyone, or caring what anyone else thinks. 

Let’s not forget that the cover art itself is also iconic, with a young Horsepowar being pictured with Champagne Papi himself back from the Degrassi days.

I'm a hot headed bitch with a tongue ice cold, brown skin with the thick ass, yeah she from the North - Lil Miss Canada

Lil Miss Canada is available to stream on all platforms now.

Horsepowar is one of the exclusive artists participating in 5X Festival's first ever virtual festival, 5X Race to the Stage.

You can download the app today for more exclusive content from dope artists like her, and so much more.

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