One of the biggest names in Punjabi music today is Jazzy B, but the same thing would have been true if you had asked someone the same question decades ago.

Singer and song-writer Jazzy B is internationally known, and his most recent recognition comes from the New York Press Magazine UK as one of 100 most influential people in Asia and the UK in 2020.

In his career, which spans over two decades, Jazzy B has released over 12 studio albums and 2 religious albums, and been featured on many tracks.

You can’t go to a single hall party without one of his tracks playing, and once they do, it gets people pumped up and really gets the party started.

While I grew up listening to him and bumping his tracks on the radio, and with my mom playing them on rides to school, years later his tracks are still the ones I’m requesting from DJ’s for trips down memory lane.

His talent and his discography has spanned across generations, earning him multiple awards and recognitions, and keeping his name consistently in conversations alongside some of the biggest Punjabi singers to ever do it.

He dropped his debut album in 1993, and is still regularly putting out tracks, with his latest, Crown Prince featuring Bohemia, which was just released last month, getting praise in the Times of India.

Whether it’s his music, his eccentric style or his persona, any fan of Punjabi music you ask will know his name and be able to sing a number of his tracks word for word, and in his home country of Canada and home province of BC, his name is well known even outside of the community.

All these years later, the Crown Prince of Bhangra continues his reign with no signs of slowing down yet.

This week, just off the heels of his new track and new recognition, Jazzy B  joined us here at 5X Fest in a panel with DJ Intense, moderated by Tarannum Thind. 

He talked about how he has managed to stay relevant for over two decades, saying that it comes down to having a passion for his craft.

He also shared a bit about his pride for his home town of Surrey, BC, which he says always gets a bad reputation, but he has received so much inspiration from.

"I'm proud to be a Surrey boy. Always will represent Surrey," he said, adding that he has a new song that he wrote about Surrey coming out soon.

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