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Tasheal Gill

Tasheal Gill

Tasheal is a screenwriter and poet who believes creativity fuels true happiness. She is studying Film Production at UBC.


Poems on heartbreak, by Tasheal Gill

A collection by 5XPress writer Tasheal Gill.

Meet You at the Light: a beautiful depiction of love, responsibility and patience

A sit down with the music video's director Alexander Farah after the video's win at SXSW.
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The Twitter feud that perpetuated anti-Black racism within the South Asian community

How one tweet set off a racist tirade from a segment of brown Twitter.

Why I as a South Asian woman, have no interest in marriage

Breaking out of society’s expectation of how a South Asian woman should be, look like, and act.
Arts & culture

These Punjabi board books help preserve the Punjabi language

Harmeet Mann’s children board book sets are a way to connect with the Punjabi culture and language.
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The double standards of Sha’Carri Richardson’s Olympic ban highlights the treatment of Black women in Sports

How the treatment of Sha’Carri Richardson in the Olympics is systemically racist.

The need to address sexual assault as a systemic issue in universities

Looking at sexual violence as an institutional issue within universities and society as a whole.

One year after the BLM protests: what we learned

A year after the BLM protests, we look back at what needs to happen and what we've learned.
Arts & culture

Diaspora Creative: a production house that challenges identity

Co-founder of Diaspora Creative speaks with 5X Press about their origins and future storytelling.

How CEO Anjali Sud reinvented Vimeo and took the company public

Meet Anjali Sud, the Indian-American CEO of Vimeo who took the video-streaming platform public.

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