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Rumneek Johal (@rumneeek)

Rumneek Johal (@rumneeek)

Rumneek is a journalist, host, and Editor-in-Chief of 5X Press. She is also host of 5X's Youtube and IGTV show What's the Vibe breaking down hot topics inside Surrey and out. She is a graduate of The University of British Columbia's Masters of Journalism program, and has previously worked as a host/producer at Decomplicated, and as a writer at Daily Hive Vancouver and CBC Toronto. She thinks she's funny on twitter @rumneeek


“Working in the industry, you see a lot of fluff.” An Indian wedding vendor’s take on the wedding planning process

Anita, from Toronto, is also planning her own wedding.

Happy pictures, unhappy people: A breakdown of the impact of the Indian wedding industrial complex

How our focus on external validation is costing us so much more than the price of the wedding

Quick math: The financial and emotional cost of a big fat Indian wedding

A bride shares the costs, financial and emotional, for her upcoming wedding.
Arts & culture

Artist Jessie Sohpaul on creating art that reflects his Punjabi experience

Sohpaul showcases his work in a new short film titled “Coming Home”
What's trending

The South Asian bride to influencer pipeline: Making sense of the micro-celebrity created by lavish South Asian weddings

An unexpected byproduct of lavish Indian weddings? A new brand of micro celebrity.

Letter from the Editor: Where do our voices belong in Canadian media?

For those wanting to challenge the status quo, even South Asian media spaces aren’t always inviting.

I’m tired of the exhausting performance of identity on social media, but there really is no escaping it.

Instagram was down for a few hours and I momentarily was at peace. Am I the problem?
What's trending

5X Weekly Roundup: Attacks on farmers in India, Pandora Papers, to feed or not feed your photographer, & more.

A roundup of 5 stories you may have missed this week.

On my own journey to healing, I ended up taking my mother along.

On recognizing the importance of caring for myself, and bringing my mother with me.

Shushma Datt: a South Asian broadcasting pioneer who paved her own path

After receiving the 2021 Bruce Hutchison Lifetime Achievement Award, Datt sits down with 5X Press

Here's what can happen when we #ComeTogether: A recap of 5X Fest 2021

A recap of this year’s 5X Festival

Vancouver’s BAINS on his journey with music, representation, & his upcoming album

BAINS sat down with 5X Press to talk about his journey with music & more.

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