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Rumneek Johal

Rumneek Johal

Rumneek is a journalist, host, and Editor-in-Chief of 5X Press. She is also host of 5X's Youtube and IGTV show What's the Vibe breaking down hot topics inside Surrey and out. She is a graduate of The University of British Columbia's Masters of Journalism program, and has previously worked as a host/producer at Decomplicated, and as a writer at Daily Hive Vancouver and CBC Toronto. She thinks she's funny on twitter @rumneeek


Sh*t you can't ask your parents: Impostor syndrome

"We are expected to be damn near perfect."

“There’s never going to be another Moosewala”

The passing of of Sidhu Moosewala is an immeasurable loss.

“You are terrorists, we are patriots,” chant protesters outside Trudeau fundraiser in Surrey

Understanding the link between "patriotism" and racism.
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Discourses I hated: Can we stop acting like Canada is a racial utopia?

Canada is not a benevolent country for all.
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Discourses I hated: Royals, racists & why we need to eat the rich

The things I hated this week.
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Kim Kardashian’s Marilyn Monroe moment is about more than just the dress

It’s time we stop glamorizing disordered eating and fad diets
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Discourses I hated: When the obsession with celebrity and fixation with true crime intersect

Johnny Depp, Megan Fox, Selling Sunset & more.

Sh*t you can't ask your parents: My friend's boyfriend sucks

"She thinks she won’t find anyone else if they break up."

Sikh Heritage BC celebrates Sikh Heritage Month by welcoming us home

An immersive installation entitled “True Home,” kicked off Sikh Heritage BC’s events this month

Sh*t you can't ask your parents: Mental health

The latest from the 5X advice column.
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Discourses I hated: Marriage Ultimatum, Russell Wilson, & anti-Blackness in the South Asian community

The things I hated and loved to hate this week.

Redefining “community” and building reciprocal relationships with Indigenous communities

Moving towards community-building and relational allyship.

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