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Navneet Chana

Navneet Chana

Navneet holds a bachelor’s degree focused in Health Science—Population and Quantitative Studies from Simon Fraser University, cultivating a passion for health promotion, policy and social justice. She has recently found a passion in writing about pop-culture, mental health and living in a South Asian diaspora. Her passion for feminism, diversity and progress lights a fire beneath everything she does. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, travelling and baking.



Your 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for local & BIPOC Businesses

Happy shopping and happy holidays!

Why it's time to break the cycle around caste and dating in 2021

I spoke with a few people who have been personally impacted by the caste system.
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5X Weekly Roundup: Malala gets married, COP26, disaster at Astroworld & more.

5 stories you may have missed
What's trending

5X Weekly Roundup: Bollywood ruining perfectly good songs, Kal Penn’s wedding might be officiated by Cardi B & much more

A roundup of 5 stories you may have missed this week.
Arts & culture

Four relatable shows about mental health that we all need

Shows that accurately depict what it means to be living with a mental illness.

The story of Robin Bawa and the importance of South Asian athletes breaking barriers in sports

The first South Asian player in the NHL.
Arts & culture

Is Bravo's ‘Family Karma” actually what we needed for the culture?

Family Karma is definitely a nuanced representation. Is it what the culture needed?

Immigrants blind nationalism further perpetuates harm experienced by Indigenous peoples

Immigrant communities carry bias and lack of education around Indigenous communities.
What's trending

Did ASOS miss the mark on their new South Asian “Bridal Wear” collection?

ASOS has newly introduced South Asian wedding attire, is it appropriation or appreciation?

What are the impacts of inequitable vaccine rollout both locally and globally?

Ensuring equitable access to vaccines among all populations start by acknowledging systemic racism.

How Sandy Gill’s new collaboration with Reitman’s pays homage to her South Asian heritage.

Sandy Gill embraces her Punjabi heritage as one of the new diversity ambassadors for Reitmans.

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