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Karan Saxena

Karan Saxena

Karan Saxena (he/they) is a journalist and writer from Mumbai, India. He is currently in Vancouver pursuing his Master of Journalism at UBC. He graduated from the University of Manitoba with a BA (Adv.) in Political Studies and a BA in Women's & Gender Studies. Karan loves researching and writing on queer culture, climate change, immigration, power structures, fascism and violence. He could talk for hours about fashion, French pop music, the ongoing exploitation of the global south, wealth inequality, and the versatility of tote bags!


Arts & culture

Can men really express their feelings?

A new production in town showcases a hilarious, heart-warming saga where men learn to finally emote.
What's trending

When “creepy" and “Indian men” became synonymous on TikTok

How did TikTok trends go from calling out men on their online harassment to being racist?
Arts & culture

Emergence: Using film as a medium to support queer South Asians

Sher Vancouver’s film Emergence tells the stories of queer South Asians, heartbreak, & acceptance

Reflecting on the overdose crisis in the South Asian community

Upkar Singh Tatlay says data and community engagement have been key for reducing stigma.

The harassment faced by Harsha Walia speaks to the treatment of racialized women on the frontlines of activism

The online harassment of Harsha Walia shows the need for more Indigenous-immigrant solidarity.

India’s previous, decades-old support for Palestinian liberation means little to Hindutva fascists. Here’s why:

Why Hindu nationalists support Israel.

Did Canada turn its back on India’s worst public health crisis?

As India continues to be tragically affected by COVID-19, why is Canada not doing more to help?

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