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Jasmin Senghera

Jasmin Senghera

Jasmin Senghera (she/her) is a graduate student pursuing her Master of Community and Regional planning at UBC. She also holds a BSc in Environmental Sciences from UBC. As a future urban planner and aspiring writer she is interested in covering her thoughts on all things cities and her South Asian experience. When she isn’t at work or at school, you can find her with her nose in a book or making yet another Spotify playlist.



How I've come to deal with my relationship to toxic productivity

A series of musings on our societal culture of toxic productivity.
Arts & culture

5 South Asian romance novel recommendations

South Asian romance novels are an expansive sub-genre. Here are some recommendations!
Arts & culture

Desi Me Dating: A South Asian dating show with a modern spin

A tell-all on the latest South Asian dating show

An anti-happiness, happiness list

A curated list of happiness items beyond the culture of toxic positivity
Arts & culture

Our top 10 book recommendations of 2021

A list of books for every type of person—from the intersectional feminists to the rom-com obsessed.

A Punjabi Sikh wins Miss Universe—but is it really a win?

Harnaaz Sandhu’s title as Miss Universe 2021 raises a wider conversation around representation.
Arts & culture

Agam Darshi talks "Donkeyhead," the Punjabi-Canadian experience, being a first-time director & more

Agam Darshi speaks of her “labour of love” in creating the film Donkeyhead
Arts & culture

Why Adele’s “30” was the therapy session I never knew I needed

In her album “30,” Adele speaks a series of truths on life, love, and everything in-between.
Arts & culture

The origins and revival of Punjabi garage music

A deep dive into the history of Y2K Punjabi garage music in the UK and its evolution to present day
Arts & culture

5 books by South Asian authors we’re reading right now

On a quest for more South Asian representation in books, we’ve compiled a list of must-reads.

Why Jyoti Gondek & Amarjeet Sohi’s wins in Alberta, are a win for us all

Punjabi mayors Gondek and Sohi made history in Alberta last week.

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