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Gurshabad Kang

Gurshabad Kang

Gurshabad’s educational background in Biology and Psychology is inspired by her lifelong pursuit to seek and decipher the human connection. She loves McDonald’s fries, long walks on the beach, and telling people how to correctly pronounce her name. She regularly forces her friends to sit in her car & record a podcast aptly named Sitting In The Car. You can find her but more importantly her dog, @gurshabadkang on all platforms.

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Raf-Saperra’s debut mixtape ‘Ruff Around The Edges’ is a love letter to Punjabi music

A track-by-track review of the Pakistani-British artist’s debut project

Exploring the TikTok trend that reconsiders what is means to 'dress your age'

What's age got to do with it?
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Abbott Elementary: a quintessential classic sitcom in the making

Abbott Elementary is a new must-watch sitcom providing much needed freshness to the TV guide
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A Halloween Hater’s guide for surviving spooky season

‘Tis the season of ghouls and goblins, but what do you do if you’re a certified Halloween Hater™?
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Jab We Met: Celebrating the modern Bollywood classic 15 years later

The film still remains a beloved Bollywood movie with a great rewatch potential
Arts & culture

Beyoncé ushers in a new era with Renaissance

The Beyhive was blessed with new music this summer from their favourite queen.

Ruex Cafe and Bar— a must-try brunch spot and lounge in the heart of Surrey

Check out Surrey’s newest Australian inspired brunch spot on King George

Meet the performers: Ikky, a charismatic producer who melds genres and brings artists together

Ikky is a music producer and songwriter who has worked with some of the biggest artists.

Meet the performers: Robyn Sandhu, a poet who sings his way into people’s hearts

Robyn Sandhu is one of the amazing artists performing at 5X Blockparty on June 11.
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OOTD’s in Punjabi & more: Here are 5 trends dominating your FYP on TikTok

TikTok is a guilty pleasure for many—but we’ll indulge and talk about some of the current trends.

My grandparents’ legacy: unpacking the impact of a special bond

My grandparents had a huge impact on my life – the extent of which I didn’t realize until recently
Arts & culture

Netflix’s "Decoupled" offers a quirky and refreshing take on divorce

An Indian show in English with exceptional writing and talent that portrays divorce in a nuanced way

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