Good news for the residents of Surrey—you no longer need to cross a bridge to experience a high quality brunch experience.

Ruex Cafe and Bar is a newly-opened restaurant located in the heart of Surrey on King George and Fraser Highway. The restaurant is a brunch spot during the day with amazing dishes using fresh ingredients. 

In the evening, it doubles as a lounge with delicious drinks and appetizers accompanied by a DJ that keeps the party going.

Ruex’s owner Jasmine Nijjar says that the restaurant is inspired by Melbourne, Australia. The talented folks at Ruex want to bring iconic and unique Australian dining to Surrey, that differs from typical North American dining that is readily available. 

Nijjar spoke to 5XPress about her new venture.

“When I was in Melbourne, the brunch culture was unparalleled – it’s on a whole other level. North American dining experience is ruled by value – more is more. You want to get a ton of potatoes and eggs and sausage and side salad all squished onto one plate, like IHOP or Denny’s. We wanted to do something that was different. Australian dining culture prioritizes presentation and creativity. It’s unique dishes that you may have never seen before.” Nijjar explained.

The menu definitely reflects that creativity. As a patron, you can see the effort and love put into curating and presenting each dish. Be sure to try their expertly brewed specialty coffee, made to pair perfectly with the food.

Greg Baja is the executive chef and the genius behind the curated menu. His impressive resume includes his last gig as executive sous chef for nearly 4 years at West Oak, another reputable and iconic establishment.

The drinks were the brainchild of Grant Sceney, the creative beverage director at the Fairmount. He is the man behind the Botanist as well, which ranked at no. 9 for the top restaurants in Canada. The talented team behind Ruex is bringing their A-game to Surrey and its residents. 

They couldn’t be happier with the response they have already gotten within a few weeks of opening. 

“We’re really thankful to Surrey and the community in general for their continued support from the get go, even before we opened. We have regulars, and we’ve only been open for a couple of weeks!,” Nijjar exclaimed.

“People are so excited, which makes us excited, and we get to see it every day when people come in and try our food and love it. It’s truly a testament to the love, care and effort that we put into this project. That is awesome,” she added.

You can expect a 5 sensory experience when you visit Ruex. The decor, the menu, the ambiance are visually appealing and the textures and muted tones blend together to create a cohesive sensory experience. It is also unique at the same time, with an entirely gold hallway that can be seen from all seats, providing contrast and an element of fun and surprise.

This well thought out and  curated experience is awaiting you so try it for yourself. Father’s Day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect excuse to try something new with the whole family!

Follow Ruex Cafe and Bar (@ruexcafeandbar) on instagram to stay up to date on all their offers – they already have big plans for the summer and Halloween. Check out their entire menu on their website and make your reservations.

See y’all there!

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