Three businesses run by Sikh Canadian women have partnered with 5X Festival in honour of Sikh Heritage Month.

Sikh Heritage Month is a celebration of arts, culture and heritage, and recognizes the many contributions of Sikh Canadians. 

Canada’s Minister of Housing, Diversity and Inclusion Ahmed Hussen issued a statement earlier this month regarding how Sikhs have made such an impact in Canada.

“Our country is the proud home of more than 500,000 members of the Sikh community, making Canada home of one of the largest Sikh diasporas in the world,” said Minister Hussen. 

“Whether it’s politics, sciences, arts, business, or sports, the Sikh community has helped shape Canada’s cultural fabric.”

Ravina R Toor, Buddha Beads and Without Fear & Co are three brands that are strongly rooted in their Sikh roots and are committed to Sikh representation and giving back to their communities.

RAVINARTOOR was launched in 2020, as an art platform committed to Punjabi-Sikh representation.

“Being a second generation Canadian it has always been critical for me to always connect back to my roots when creating,” said Toor in a statement to 5XPress.

“My work respects a microcosm of collectiveness, visually encapsulating my deep admiration for my Punjabi-Sikh roots. I focus on a vital aspect of Sikhi which is treating women with equality and that theme of how powerful women are is shown throughout my art.”

RAVINARTOOR will be donating 10% of all profits each month to organizations that support the daughters of Punjab and Haryana.

Buddha Beads was founded by two Sikh women, who are strongly guided by principles of the Sikh faith.

“The translation of Sikh or Sikhi is a disciple, learner or a 'student of life.' As a Sikh Canadian, it's our duty to educate our following on the importance of our people, our traditions and of our roots,” said Bhavneet Toor, co-founder of Buddha Beads in a statement to 5XPress.

“The core Sikh beliefs are what our company values are based off of - seva (providing service), honest earnings (while remembering the Divine) and sharing with those in need (donating). By navigating our company through our Sikh values, we highlight what our people actually stand for while educating others on what it means to be a Sikh.”

Without Fear & Co was founded by two Sikh Canadian sisters, who started the company after a trip to the jewelry store, and realized they wanted a way to showcase their faith everyday.

“As young Sikh Canadians, we believe it is our duty to shine light on our religion and help others learn more about who we are and what we stand for,” the sisters said in a statement. 

“With Vaisakhi around the corner and April being Sikh Heritage month, it is the perfect time for us to educate everyone about our roots.”

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