What’s Poppin, God? Mindy Kaling’s “Never Have I Ever” is almost here!

Jashima Wadehra (@jashimaw)

It feels like just a moment ago Mindy Kaling was casting South Asian girls for her newest Netflix series, and like all things- we’re sure it'll be worth the wait! Featuring first-time actress Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as the lead, we can’t wait to meet the characters of “Never Have I Ever.” 

Devi Vishwakumar is starting school at Sherman Oaks, and the trailer suggests we’ll be following a series of highs and lows in high school. Representation matters and it’s significantly improved in the last three years. Finally leaving the confinement of tokenized roles, we’re curious to see how Devi’s life is normalized in the grand scheme of melting-pot America. The opening clip provides a visual of a home “mandir” which we’re all too familiar with, different deities and their statues all accompanied by the ever-imperative textbook. Anyone else remember the cute guy from Garba you did raas with, or when you had remnants of mehndi on your hands at school? Yeah, me too.  The integration of traditional apparel, accents and socio-political nuances is sure to make for several  laugh-out-louds moments, if done well.  The sari tying pallu game? To be determined. 

Whether you went to a place of worship or engaged in a folk dance class or two, I for one finally feel “seen.” As we’re all social distancing, there’s no better time to add to your list of post WFH activities. It’s the coming-of-age pleas we all made, getting invited to the “cool” kids party, the “hot” guy noticing you, and above all else, a reduction in arm hair (please god!).

The perfect balance of nostalgia and belly- induced laughter awaits as Kaling’s newest series, premier on Netflix on April 27th. We’re hitting “add to watchlist” as we relive our cringiest and most heartbreaking moments of adolescence through a South Asian-American lense. Raise a glass for all the times we prayed about the girl next door, the zit… and undoubtedly, the SATS- and get ready to walk down memory lane.

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