The Blume sisters help source 10,000 N95 Masks

Jashima Wadehra (@jashimaw)

As healthcare professionals aim to combat COVID19 and the masses experience a rise in cabin fever, small businesses are rising to the occasion. From contact-less delivery to new online resources, we’re all trying to make a difference little by little. 

Vancouver based start-up, Blume has committed to changing the self-care narrative and re-inventing the puberty experience through their Blume Box and Skincare products, all human and eco-friendly. Ghatrora sisters Bunny and Taran are determined to provide resources that are safe for the earth, and for us! Revolutionizing the wellness game, this duo has risen to the occasion and ordered 10,000 N95 masks for healthcare professionals in British Columbia. 

Since the launch of their GoFundMe to cover costs, the duo has raised $12,000+ out of their $25,000 goal. With the abilities to leverage their production networks to source masks and PPE, they are able to procure resources faster than hospitals are currently able to.. With each mask’s cost at $2.28USD and rising, Blume needs us to help them, help the community! Blume will be safely distributing the masks to healthcare professionals, hospitals, urgent care centers and more with the help of Fraser Health and government agencies in BC.

The frontlines need us to help keep them prepared, equipped and safe as they fight for our lives. Every penny counts, be sure to share, and donate! 

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