LA-based writer and director Salvin Chahal has teamed up with Adobe, to cultivate a touching, and much needed spoken word visual project titled “The Way We Love”

The project eloquently and beautifully combines both spoken word poetry and stunning visuals to create a deeper understanding of intergenerational Punjabi culture for wider audiences, who in Chahal’s words, “see us, but don’t know us.”

The video project came about from reflecting on the people in his very own family, and Chahal says that he strives to portray familial love with this project through his own eyes.

“This was an opportunity to convey that through my family and the power that I’ve seen growing up as a kid and still take pride in,” Chahal said in a release.

The Way We Love,” is a powerful account of what makes Punjabi culture unique -- shedding light into the intricacies of intergenerational strength, brotherhood, and the power that lies within Punjabi women.

Chahal uses his talent as a spoken word artist to narrate the piece that features his family and friends and has influences from prolific female Punjabi artists like Amrita Sher-Gil and singer Surinder Kaur.

The emphasis on the importance of family and love is what inspired Chahal to create this project, and it comes at a valuable time where building a deeper understanding of Punjabi culture and its people is so integral.

We are living during a historical period where the COVID-19 pandemic has had immeasurable effects on families across the globe, all while humanity’s largest protest continues to unravel, leaving Punjabi families at the forefront fighting for their rights.

The Way We Love,” acts as a thread whose purpose is to sew individuals together, and ultimately manifest greater understanding of what matters most: family and love.

In Chahal’s words, “I hope people who see this are able to learn about the different faces within our community, the different ways that we show up with one another, and the more intimate sense of who we are as Punjabi folks.”

The piece is a celebration of love in Punjabi communities and families, captured and packaged beautifully by Chahal.

The project is available on Youtube.


About the author: Manisha is a freelance writer with experience on both radio and television, who is also the former titleholder of Miss Fiji Canada 2017. She is an artist, poet, and an SFU alumnus with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications. Manisha is the creator of the platform Bula Mental Health which is dedicated to bridging the gap between history, current events, and overall well-being. Check her out on Instagram: @exclusivelymanisha

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