Skinny Local Shares His Favourite Jams from 2019

Here is a list of cutting-edge tracks from South Asian artists from this year.

2019 was an amazing year for music. From genre bending vibes in Japan, to the resurgence of nu-metal and ethereal music in the west. Here is a list of cutting-edge tracks from South Asian artists from this year, and what I believe will be defining the sound of the next decade.

Taizu – Love Or You Die

Rolex Rasathy – Raavanan

Curtis Waters – The Feelings Tend To Stay The Same

Cartel Madras – Goonda Gold

Kave – Alive

Sickick – Momofuku

Jai Wolf – Still Sleeping

Khanvict – Turiya Turiya

Bains. – Alone

Harm Franklin – Things I Never Had

Raveena – Stronger

Parimal Shais – Swayambhu

Hanumankind – Southside

The Local Train - Gustaakh

Neesh x Saint Soldier – Rehende

Abhi The Nomad – Me No Evil

M.K. Khan – Blue World

EMPWR – Exhale

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