These Brown Munde know how to close off 2020!

AP Dhillon, Gurinder Gill, and Money Musik’s first EP, Not By Chance dropped December 22nd. It features six songs. 

This group has definitely rung in the New Year on a high, currently occupying the top 6 spots on the Official Asian Music Chart.  In fact, Saada Pyaar was the first number 1 of 2021. 

Both Dhillon and Gill’s collab’s are basically fighting each other for the top spots, with Brown Munde briefly climbing back to number 1, followed by Chances, Goat, Fate, and Foreigns

Takeover, Drip, and Toxic also occupy spots in the top 20, and many of these singles also appear in The Offical NZ Music Chart.

In terms of the vibes of the tracks themselves, Saada Pyaar, Fate, and Chances will have you in your feels for sure. While Goat, Drip, and Takeover, well they’re just bops -- I don’t know any other way to put it. 

As many may already know, AP Dhillon came on the scene in 2019 with his debut single Fake. With collaborations with Gurinder Gill, Gminxr, Shinda Kahlon, Money Musik, and AR Paisley, he really made his mark in 2020 in an undeniably way.

Gurinder Gill also started his career alongside AP Dhillon in 2019. Their single Brown Munde with Shinda Kahlon, debuted at number one on UK Asian Chart and made it to Apple Music Canada’s Top 100 Chart.

The producer behind the EP, Money Musik from Brampton, has also recently worked on projects with Canada's own, Nav. In an interview with Forbes, Nav spoke on mentoring Money Musik, stating that he has a “real clear future.”

There's no denying, this group is definitely breaking boundaries and creating a name for themselves in the Punjabi music industry. Perhaps through a new wave of Punjabi music, this group has been successful in reproducing culture for kids in the diaspora.

Many of the songs from Not By Chance mix Punjabi music with Western styles. Dhillon and Gill are among the new artists who have carved this new style that exposes people to Punjabi music, who are not normally consumers of it.

Music is an important part of culture and can be a mechanism for those living outside of Punjab to feel connected to their homeland and their culture. People in the diaspora can connect over their shared interest of the cultural music. as well as it being a space where individuals can connect with their language and cultural components through songs like Kirsaan.

With rising popularity of tracks like these around the world, this reproduction of culture can also be shared with people from different backgrounds, and keep pushing the boundaries, and the culture forward.


I found this song 28287282 years after everyone else so pardon me for being late pLS I can’t stop listening to it

♬ Brown Munde - AP Dhillon & Gminxr & Gurinder Gill & Shinda Kahlon

I would be lying if I said I haven’t had all the songs on repeat since their release. 

Which song have you been vibing to?

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