Aunties at a rave is probably the last thing I thought I'd ever see. But it happened...

Khanvict never seems to disappoint with his exciting music videos. His recent music video for “Turiya Turiya” from his debut EP is no exception to the exciting vibez he puts in each and every piece of his work. As always, Khanvict is able to showcase and his appreciation for his Pakistani roots through both his music and accompanying visuals. He beautifully combines Pakistani folk music with electronic music, and the visuals of aunties at a rave not only complements this merging of cultures, but also creates a fun and energetic vibe that makes everyone want to dance.

While the visuals are engaging and eye catching, Khanvict also manages to take the opportunity to tell a story that aims to combat some of the gender-based inequalities that are prevalent in our culture. In particular, the video shed light on some of the gender roles that are commonly expected of women. It then flipped the script and shows a man doing housework and serving the women, while they relax and plan a ladies night. Similarly, the visuals of aunties at a rave provides a fresh take that challenges some of our preconceived notions of how South Asian women of an older age demographic “are supposed to act” or what they represent. Khanvict was able to do this in a lighthearted and comedic way that ultimately showcases how his music is for all people to enjoy.

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