Have A Merry Litmas With More Top 10 Playlists from 2019

Keep your holiday szn LIT with some more top 10 playlist of 2019 from members of the 5X Fam:

1. Pyar Bolda - Jass Dhillon

2. Sahiba  - Simiran Kaur Dhadli

3. Silver Skies - Manila Grey

4. Lost in The Fire - The Weekend

5. Begani - Aardee

6. Round - Bunny Gill

7. Area - Bunny Gill

8. Borrowed Love - Metro Booking

9.Heartless - The Weeknd

10. Death Route - Sidhu Moose Wala

- Intense (Intense Music,  @thisizintense)

Jai Paul - Str8 Outta Mumbai

Memba - for Aisha

Ritviz - Sage

Khanvict - Turiya Turiya

Cartel Madras - Goonda Gold

Yung Raja - Mad Blessings

Rolex Rasathy - Raavanan

Raveena - If Only

Krewella, Nucleya - Good On You

Leo Kalyan - time can wait

- Tarun Nayar (5X, @snakesxladders @taruntspoon)

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