Many have been following the creative journey of Gurkiran Kaur, also known as Ginu Sidhu, for years, as her career evolved from epic viral Youtube skits, to starting her own fashion company with her sister. 

Her company, Jangiiro, has amassed quite the following, as it brings a modern flare to Punjabi fashion, and in her words, was a way to “celebrate Punjabi culture.”

For Kaur, “fashion is a way of communicating who you are.”

With the garments drawing inspiration from the rich colours and textures of Punjab, the clothing line is named after their late paternal grandmother, Jangir Kaur, who was “the reason Gurkiran and her sister Anupreet fell in love with Punjabi fashion at a young age.”

The mom-to-be, who is also an activist, business-owner, and also happens to be married to  NDP Federal Leader Jagmeet Singh, is continuing to use the platform she’s built over the years to shed light on issues close to her. 

Kaur has worked with Khalsa Aid in the past, and continues to stand with farmers amid the ongoing farmers protests.

She also has been vocal about her experiences touring Canada with Singh ahead of the federal election, including doing Ardas at Cowesses First Nation, for the Indigenous children who had their lives stolen and their families who never received justice.

While balancing her business, her online platform, and touring the country, Kaur has managed to do it all with grace, despite the added pressures of being the only Punjabi-Sikh wife of a Canadian federal party leader.


In this election as always we are fighting for you and your families

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We interviewed Kaur on 5X Fest’s Instagram to ask her all about what she’s been up to, the creative community that she started out in, her activism, and advice for South Asian youth who look up to her.

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