“Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, no its Fateh DOE” 

It goes without saying, Fateh has done it again with his newest release that dropped on October 23, 2020, after dropping teaser after teaser over his social platforms, building the hype for his 12-song tracklist. 

WIthin a day of releasing, Fateh’s album sits at #2 on the Apple Music Canada charts, where he quotes his own song “I am top 5, number 2 I am not below that.”

Collabs with big names like Raftaar, GillThaGeneral, Straight Bank, Mafioso, Hu$h, Villa, and Surrey’s own Naseeb, it’s safe to say something good did come out of 2020 after all. 

This album is on another level of hype that will get you blasting this album until your speakers pop, vibing hard to the straight facts Fateh’s dropping in nearly every bar. 

But success for the Toronto rapper certainly didn’t happen overnight.  

Previously known as Young Fateh, he dropped three mixtapes from early 2009 to 2011. Fateh gained popularity after being discovered by Dr. Zeus in 2012, and joined a band “Zoo Babies” featuring Dr. Zeus for another album of bangers. 

After changing his name to Fateh DOE, and releasing now four albums so far -- Bring It Home, To Whom It May Concern, New Memories, and his most recent, Goes Without Saying, it’s safe to say, Fateh never disappoints when it comes to his music. 

Being featured in a number of singles, EP’s, and collaborations with other Punjabi artists, Fateh is known to be the trailblazer for Punjabi Rap, and creating a name for himself while perfecting his craft. 

Fateh did something a little different this year, giving us insight into his process through his social media. The teasers leading up to this album launch, which he released live on Instagram, and proceeded to jam to his craft as he shared his music and his behind the scenes process with his fans. 

After breaking the internet with his previous album in 2019, New Memories had everyone in their feelings. For those that haven’t experienced heartbreak, Fateh had people so in their feels that fans are still vibing to songs from “To Whom it may Concern’. 

While we are unsure of who it is that did such a number on Fateh to get him to write such senti songs, “Goes Without Saying” is reminiscent of old-school Fateh, dating back to when Zoo-Babies (iykyk) dropped their album quite some time ago.

While the Punjabi music industry has some big names, Fateh has indeed set the standard for Desi rapping. From Young Fateh to Fateh DOE, he really brought it home with this album with that 2020 energy. 

What’s your favourite track from his album?

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