Cornershop Releases New LP “England is a Garden”

Manisha Kiran (@manishakiran_, @himmatco)

British Indie rock band most famous for their 1997 classic “Brimful of Asha,” comes back with a new LP called “England is a Garden.” 10 years in the making, the LP is a must listen, inspired by the band’s hometown of Black Country, England. Cornershop has been making music since 1991, most influenced by their love of glam rock, psychedelia, pop music and Punjabi folk. Their unique sound along with passion to stand up for what they believe in, sets this band apart from other Britpop artists today.

We hope to see Cornershop’s “England is a Garden,” make it to number 1,  just like “Brimful of Asha,” did in 1998! Watch their latest music video off the project “St Marie Under Canon” below.

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