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Shivani Devika

Shivani Devika

Shivani often likes to believe she is the queen of sarcasm, even though her jokes makes no one laugh except herself.


Mental health crises in public spaces deserve to be met with compassion and support

Shaming, belittling or degrading someone for experiencing a mental health episode is never okay.
Arts & culture

Selena Gomez’s ‘My Mind and Me’ is a candid look at navigating mental illness in the spotlight

The documentary dives into the trials and tribulations Gomez navigated since her rise to stardom.
Arts & culture

Unpacking the depiction and discussion of people struggling with substance misuse on Euphoria

The way we speak about people struggling with substance misuse matters.

Why we need trigger warnings on explicit content to avoid putting victims at further harm

Activists are calling for healthier and safer ways to speak about violence against women.

A new children’s book on mental health dives into how kids can take care of their mind and body

Surrey model and mental health advocate Reshmi Chandra talks about her children's book.

A Year in Review: 2021’s biggest moments and lessons

Some big lessons were learned in 2021.

Navigating identity and lack of representation as an Indo-Fijian

Navigating identity as an Indo-Fijian

It’s time we stop protecting abusers and start showing up for survivors of sexual violence

The protection of abusers come at a cost for survivors of sexual violence
What's trending

5X Weekly Roundup: Canadians told to stop using horse drug to treat COVID-19, Kanye & Drake’s feud continues, Texas’ horrific abortion ban & much more.

A quick breakdown of 5 trending stories that you may have missed this week.
What's trending

5X Weekly Roundup: Feedback on Sabyasachi’s collection with H&M, celebrities are not bathing, 9 years since Oak Creek & much more

A breakdown of 5 trending stories you may have missed this week.

Why Fiji’s Tokyo Olympics Rugby win is about more than just gold medals

FIji wins their second back to back medal at the Olympics.

This is our Canada: Tackling the latest Anti-Muslim hate crime

The recent anti-Muslim hate crime calls for leaders to take action addressing white supremacy.

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