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Manraaj Grewal

Manraaj Grewal

My parents named me Manraaj, which means Queen of Hearts, and I have been trying to justify that name ever since. I am an immigrant from India changing one country, and five schools since then. I am known from dropping Bollywood references in daily conversations and am currently studying Communications at Douglas, hoping to become a journalist. I love reading biographies of successful people, watching a select few TV shows (fine it's mostly Bigg Boss!) and every imaginable sport there is (I especially enjoy the yelling during cricket matches). Follow me @manraajkaur27"


The Queen has died

Arts & culture

Hasan Minhaj’s latest Netflix special proves he is everyone’s favourite Jester once again

The King's Jester is a testament to Minhaj's ability to weave storytelling with social commentary

Meet the performers: Aanam’s music blends cultures and sounds from all around the world

Aanam shares everything about her musical journey from her influences, role models and more.
Arts & culture

How the portrayal of leading ladies in Bollywood impacted my idea of what it means to be a suitable partner

Why does Bollywood sell only one ‘perfect’ leading lady as an acceptable love match?

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