Millions currently stand in front of the Buckingham palace 

Paying their respects, their tributes

As roses line the gates

But why isn’t everybody sad

Some ‘rogue’ activists and twitter users

Seem to be relieved

It must be a disrespect for old traditions

The monarchy the Queen we must not know the relevance

Kids are just so disrespectful ‘nowadays’ 

But it’s more than just disrespect

It is simply trauma for many

The Queen represented colonialism, genocide and mass murder

43 trillion stolen from India alone

The entire empire was built on slavery and exploitation

The Queen was ahead of her time but she left many behind

India runs in my blood and I felt the effects

The Kohinoor stolen without any regrets

Worn, adorned in many portraits

Welcomed as the head of state time and time again

Had to bow down because we had nothing left to leverage on the table

As if the table was made by the Indians, but the Queen had the only seat

Along with gold, turmeric and ‘spices’, she took our history, our culture

Kohinoor left the country with our prosperity

The richest country in the world was now left begging for alms

So why should we be sad

The Queen and her family enjoy a life of plush comfort

While millions starve

What do they get rewarded for

Why does Canada still pay taxes to them

Why doesn’t that money go to the Indigenous of Canada

Or the people of Jamaica?

Why must that castle be maintained, 

Those gardens trimmed, her majesty’s suits always ironed

The Queen represents the fairy-tale we all want to believe in

The one institution that shall safeguard the people’s interest 

She exists because of her lineage, 

Based on mass murder, grief and hundreds of broken countries

So why must we be sad

About the author

Manraaj Grewal

My parents named me Manraaj, which means Queen of Hearts, and I have been trying to justify that name ever since. I am an immigrant from India changing one country, and five schools since then. I am known from dropping Bollywood references in daily conversations and am currently studying Communications at Douglas, hoping to become a journalist. I love reading biographies of successful people, watching a select few TV shows (fine it's mostly Bigg Boss!) and every imaginable sport there is (I especially enjoy the yelling during cricket matches). Follow me @manraajkaur27"

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