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Manjot Mann

Manjot Mann

My name is Manjot Mann and I am a mom, counsellor and writer. I have my undergraduate degree in Criminology/Psychology and a Masters in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University. As a child I wanted to be a superhero, specifically Sailor Moon. As an adult I found there was no one like Sailor Moon running around in cute shoes saving people from monsters and so I took a desk job and hung up my imaginary cape. When I became a mom and fought my own demons, I realized I needed a career change. As a counsellor I help people with real and imagined monsters. As a writer I bring awareness to the fact that monsters exist and that there is a whole lot of superhero in all of us.


When moving out is hard but necessary: An open letter to the women and families on the precipice of change

The greatest gift you can give your daughters is to set them free.

Anxious mom takes on the holidays, setting boundaries with yourself and presence over presents

"The truth is we set ourselves up for failure when we keep the cycle of needing to do more going."

First comes love, then comes marriage, and then there’s the part no one talks about

How our community leaves South Asian women with more questions than answers after getting married

International Day of the Girl Child is a reminder that the battle for women’s rights is far from over

What are we really celebrating on this day?

Anxious mom series: That time I needed anxiety meds to get on a plane

Anxious mom is back to share her vacation epiphany

Anxious mom series: Why I spent a lot of time crying in my car last year

Struggling through my daughter’s separation anxiety this past year has been tough.

The Andrew Tates of the world learn misogyny at home and it's time we take action

The Paul Brar’s and Andrew Tate’s of the world can be found in our own homes.

Anxious mom series: The local vacation I almost didn’t take

Sharing my anxieties around travel, weddings, COVID, and life in general as an anxious mom.

Why the way we treat divorced South Asian women is a matter of life and death

When will we stop shaming women for getting a divorce?

A local woman’s reflection on how access to abortion in B.C. impacted her life

Healthcare in the province is still falling short.

The never-ending cycle of bad news shouldn’t cost you your mental health

You are paying an emotional tax every time you give allow yourself to get consumed by negativity.

The stigma of being a working mom in the South Asian community

You don't stop being a person when you become a mom

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