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Jeevan Sangha/@jeevanksangha

Jeevan Sangha/@jeevanksangha

Jeevan is a UBC Sociology student, writer and self-proclaimed cinephile (to annoy the film majors). An aspiring journalist, she loves writing silly little articles about pop-culture, media, politics and the South Asian experience while balancing her job in community-engaged learning. When she isn't having an existential crisis, you can find her over-caffeinating, binging a new show or trying to prove that she's a much cooler, brown Rory Gilmore

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Celebration and skepticism following announcement of farm law repeal

There’s still so much work to be done.

New children’s book Dosti explores themes of friendship and camaraderie in the time of Partition

Dosti aims to fill the gaps in children’s education and spark curiosity about Punjabi histories
Arts & culture

Netflix’s Sex Education gives the progressive portrayal of teenage sexuality I wish I had when I was younger

Coming from a community where sex isn't talked about, this show would've been empowering.

Surrey's Raman Bains talks about navigating the music industry and his new single “Heer Ranjha”

Local singer and composer Raman Bains sat down with 5X Press to tell us about his new single.

Sahil Mroke on creative direction, collaboration and everything in between

Sahil Mroke spoke to 5X Press about the collab between Vancity Bhangra and Imagine Van Gogh.

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