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Jeevan Sangha

Jeevan Sangha

Jeevan is a writer, producer and the editor-in-chief of 5XPress. She loves writing about pop-culture, media, politics and everything about the South Asian diaspora. She graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Sociology and has previously worked in community engagement and mental health. When she isn’t writing, you can find her over-caffeinating, binging a new show or sharing her thoughts on Twitter @jeevanksangha

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Khalsa Aid’s jacket drive goes beyond prepping international students for a Canadian winter

The promise of winter jackets is just what gets students through the door.

Discourses I hated this week: Chris Brown defenders and Marvel slander

I'm tired of talking about Chris Brown.

Discourses I hated this week: Elon Musk and Brown Twitter

Are we witnessing fall of twitter in real time?
What's trending

Discourses I hated this week: TMZ, and people hating on international students

Let celebrities be and let international students experience joy

Editor's Note: Celebrating Three Years of 5XPress

Editor-in-chief Jeevan Sangha shares where we’ve been and where we’re going at the Press
Arts & culture

Pallavi Sharda on Netflix’s "Wedding Season" and the power of South Asian representation

5XPress sat down with actress Pallavi Sharda to talk all things “Wedding Season”
Arts & culture

Devi Vishwakumar is the chaotic protagonist I needed when I was younger

Why my 16-year-old self would have loved Never Have I Ever

On Mandeep Kaur and the cycle of failure in the Punjabi community

The cycle of failure in our community must end. It truly is a matter of life and death. 
Arts & culture

Unpacking the appropriation of regional music in bollywood

Bollywood’s latest song remake fits within a long history of appropriating regional music
Arts & culture

Meet the performers: Rehma, a dreamy artist making her own space in the music world

Rehma will be hitting the stage at the 5X Blockparty on June 11

The gross misinterpretation of "decolonizing" by Diaspora influencers

Seerat Saini’s profile has people thinking if influencers play any role in decolonization.
Arts & culture

What does the rising popularity of AP Dhillon mean for the future of Punjabi music?

AP Dhillon’s opening doors for young Punjabi artists to create a fresh, hybrid sound

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