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Anuja Bhatt

Anuja Bhatt

Anuja is an international student at the University of British Columbia, with a concentration in mental health and interpersonal development. When she isn’t having an existential crisis, you may find her dancing, taking pictures of her cat or yelling at unclejis. When she is having an existential crisis, you’ll probably find her in a window seat on the 99, listening to Mohammed Rafi and pretending she’s in a movie.


Arts & culture

‘Professor of Tomfoolery’ is Kenny Sebastian’s most personal show yet

The iconic Indian comedian talks about authenticity, rejection, and growing with his audience.
What's trending

Season 2 of Love Is Blind : Love, faith, and corny brown men

I binged Season 2 of Love Is Blind in under 48 hours.

Bringing brown faces into queer spaces

How a performer from Bhatinda, Punjab is breaking barriers in traditionally white, queer spaces.

Everything wrong with the diaspora’s fight for “representation”

It's time to stop celebrating crumbs of representation and go a step further. It's exhausting.
Arts & culture

Why India is a House of Secrets

How a Netflix docuseries on the Burari Deaths compels Indian society to confront its demons.
What's trending

Trisha Paytas appropriates Hinduism online -- but there’s more to it than meets the eye

While we cringe at goras documenting their spiritual appropriation online, India welcomes it.

Longing for home in a pandemic: An international student’s take on homesickness and alienation

"What I longed for, more than anything, was that feeling of being rooted."

Meet Jolene Queen Sloan, the star who’s bringing drag to Surrey

Surrey, meet your new queen, all the way from Goniana, Bhatinda.

Desis, we do not need to make ourselves more palatable

On Gene Weingarten & why we do not need to appease old white men and their dull palates.
Arts & culture

Indian Matchmaking’s Emmy nomination: why we need a reality check

Why are we still in denial about the reality of Indian Matchmaking?

The unfair taboo of brown girls and tattoos

Why tattoos are vital to South Asian culture, and how one Gujarati artist is embracing it all.
Arts & culture

UNION: local sci-fi art exhibition is a portal into the year 3000

Artists Kiran Bhumber and Nancy Lee showcase a dystopian year 3000 in their new exhibit.

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